-Time wasters-

Yes, we’re all guilty of not making the most of our time with so much distractions around us it can be rather difficult to stay focus on a single task. But just because something is difficult to do doesn’t it can’t be done. There are multiple habits, items and routines that stops us from being more productive with our time, for example…

  1. Cell Phones.

There use to be a time when a cell phone’s only purpose was to make a phone call, can you believe it? but they’ve become so advance in the last 30 years that we’re now walking around with mini modern computers in our pockets. They do it all, and that’s great, in fact it’s pretty amazing how technology is advancing but did you know, even if your phone is off

just having it in visible sight is enough to be a distraction. The temptation to check instagram or tiktok is to much to handle, or for some us we binge watch our favorite shows, we say to ourselves just one more episode next thing we know we finish a whole season in a few hours. The phone doesn’t need to be on for it to make us do these repetitive and unproductive things, just seeing it is all it takes, now again nothing is wrong with cell phones they do make our lives a little easier and I’d be a hypocrite if I said that I haven’t looked at my phone at least 100 times today most of the time I was just bored. But we definitely need to make adjustments in our lives.

For example, we can limit the social media time usage, or if we’re working on something important move the cell phone to another room and don’t touch it until the task is done.

2. Procrastination.

Ah yes, one of the most devastatingly powerful enemies of productivity. There are an abundance amount of research and experiments done over this topic, but some of the most popular reasons why we procrastinate is due to

  • Fear of failure
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Avoidance

And even though, these are legit reasons but sometimes the best thing to do when we face these road blocks is to do something, anything. The more we procrastinate the less time we have, and it does us lazy at some point. You can’t just avoid a problem and expect it’ll just disappear on its own actions need to be taken to resolve things. It’s better to try and fail then to not try at all. That’s an even worse feeling, and I can relate.

3. Doing to much

Juggling multiple responsibilities at once doesn’t make you more productive, in fact it can me strenuous mentally. It’s always wise to handle one task at a time, if a job requires you to do more than you can actually bear especially if the pay isn’t worth it? then the best thing to do is to leave. There’s is no use getting burned out over something that’s causing more stress and taking more time from you.

So how do I make better use of my time?

Well, these were just a few examples of time wasters, we need to identify the habits that are making us waste time, and get rid of them in order to be more productive. According to a poll that was done in the U.K, the average adult waste 26 days per year or 12 hours a week and that’s not including sleeping because it’s a necessity. But, these individuals in the survey admitted that they lose track of time because of watching too much T.V, browsing the internet and etc…But limiting the amount of T.V we watch and length we spent browsing the web can be the start of breaking cycles of unproductivity.


Published by Marc

Hello, My name is Marc Moise I live in South Florida. I go to church at Segadores De Vida(Harvesters of Life) Christian church. I created this blog to share tips on how to replace bad habits with good ones and how to be more productive.

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