-Unhealthy eating-

Wouldn’t it be great to eat how ever we wanted, whenever we wanted at any given age? I think a lot of people would agree with me but, unfortunately that’s not the case. The truth is, our eating habits(depending healthy or unhealthy) does have long consequenses on our bodies both physically and mentally. For example…

If someone has been eating junk food since he was in middle school and now he’s in his mid to late thirties with the same eating habit, there’s a high chance that this person is either overweight, and/or have some serious issues with his health. Such as obesity, if you’re constantly eating high and unhealthy calories amount of food and not exercising, the only outcome is weight gain and lots of it. With that comes other potentially fatal health issues like diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, cancers and so on and so forth. A 2019 study that was done shows that, poor eating habits kills more people than smoking tobacco, a lot of times we use certain foods to cope because they taste good, which makes us feel good. But too much of a good thing can cause you harm or worse kills you. Poor diets, have even been liked to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. According to Healthline magazines, certain foods share a link from the stomach to the brain. Basically a diet consisting mostly fried food, processed food and sweet drinks increases the risk for depression and high sugar foods increase the chances of anxiety.

But why does eating junk feel so good? Why is it hard to stop? Why is it addictive?

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, we sometimes use food as a coping mechanism, and some foods make us feel good. It’s almost as if your using junk food to escape your problems. Why are some habits like eating junk hard to give up? Dopamine a.k.a the feel good hormone. This particular hormone has a lot to do with addictions and it’s not just food but tobacco, weed, drugs, pornography even music can be addicting.

When we eat these salty, fried, sugary foods, our brain release the dopamine receptors, and the more we engage in these eating habits the stronger the cravings get which will make it harder to resist. Any kind of addiction can will make life more difficult then it already is, but when dealing with these situations giving in is not the best thing to do. When anybody is dealing with any kind of addictions, a choice needs to be made, something has to be done if that includes seeking help, going on a diet, joining the gym then go for it. After, if we don’t take care of our problems then who will? or should. 1 Timothy 6 says to fight the good fight of faith, this verse is talking about about accepting God’s will daily and fleeing from immorality and fleshy desires but you can impute this verse into this topic as well, you can say I’m going to fight in faith believing that I will overcome any addictions or any problems that may come my way, because addictions and bad habits are not part of God’s will for us.


Published by Marc

Hello, My name is Marc Moise I live in South Florida. I go to church at Segadores De Vida(Harvesters of Life) Christian church. I created this blog to share tips on how to replace bad habits with good ones and how to be more productive.

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