I was having a conversation with my dad one time and he paused and asked me why do you overthink so much? I quickly answered I dont overthink and, at that moment I started to realize that he wasn’t the first person to say that to me. I’ve had co-workers that told that I overthink things even some friends, In fact some people upon meeting them for the first time would tell me that they can tell I tend to overthink. Does this happen to you? If it does it means your human and your not alone, it happens to everyone, we all at some point of our lives are going to overthink but when it’s gotten to the point that we can’t even make easy decisions? then something needs to change.

Here’s 5 simple ways not to overthink.

  1. Journal it
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Writing our thoughts down eases with stress and anxiety, sometimes there can be so much going on in heads that we can barely hear ourselves think. But writing things helps with clarity and decision making, its as if your cleaning your room but your head would be the room and your thoughts are the mess.

2. Plan Ahead

person writing bucket list on book

Why overthink if your already prepared? Procrastination is a recipe for disaster. If you know your supposed to get something done then work on that task. But it is easier said than done because according to recent data found on psychologytoday.com 20 to 25 percent of adult Americans procrastinate and according to Eudotopia.con 80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate. If we can plan ahead and properly and, take action maybe we wouldn’t overthink so much about especially when it comes to due dates.

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3. We can’t control everything

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In life things happend, no one can control the weather it has a mind of its own. You can be healthy as a horse today and tomorrow out of nowhere you find yourself on a hospital bed with something you didn’t even know you had, our lives didn’t come with a manual (although it’d be incredible useful if it did) we are capable of doing amazing things but can’t do everything especially on our own. Its ok to need help, and its ok that you cant handle everything on your own.

4. Perfectionism

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You can’t call yourself a human if you’ve never made a mistake, there just a part of life. Now, wanting to do everything without any errors is a good thing it shows you take your work seriously but, expecting zero errors every time is just impossible. If you feel as though you always have more you need to do that just means there’s more to think about which leads to overthinking. In fact, there was a study done on everydayhealth.com that shows that perfectionism can lead to depression. Trying to be perfect will only leaves us mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

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5. Give yourself a break

Take it easy and relax, we need to give our brains a break to refresh, go out with your friends, spend time with your family go on vacation treat your self.

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Sometimes we just need to get away from all of the stress and overthinking.

people walking on beach during sunset

We were not born to stress out and overthink, there more to life then that. Don’t be afraid to fail, take a leap of faith and sometimes as hard as this may sound we just have to let some things be because we can’t control them but, that doesn’t it’s the end of a situation, things can and will change for the better. The next time your overthink remember to,

  • Journal it
  • Plan ahead
  • We can’t controll everything
  • No need for Perfection
  • Give yourself and break


Published by Marc

Hello, My name is Marc Moise I live in South Florida. I go to church at Segadores De Vida(Harvesters of Life) Christian church. I created this blog to share tips on how to replace bad habits with good ones and how to be more productive.

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